Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tribune memo on switch to Fox in San Diego

From: Tribune Communications
Subject: Message from Ed Wilson/KSWB-TV To Join Fox

Tribune Broadcasting today is making the exciting announcement that effective August 1st, KSWB-TV, San Diego, will become an affiliate of the Fox television network — the nation’s #1 sourcee for broadcast entertainment. We’ll also announce the appointment of Ray Schonbak, the former president of Emmis Television, as vice president and general manager at the station. Ray’s one of the most successful television executives anywhere in the country. His Emmis stations were industry leaders in revenue growth, and before that, he helped build the Fox-owned stations division into a powerhouse.

For KSWB, this is a no-brainer. Fox is a proven winner. The switch will mean great prime-time programming with shows like “American Idol”, “The Simpsons” and “24”, designed to build an excellent lead-in to our late local news. KSWB will get back into the news game in a big way later this year, and will immediately begin ramping up to produce four hours of news every dayincluding a three hour morning show.

The affiliattion also brings KSWB America’s top sporting drawNFL footballevery weekend in the fall and winter, as well as the college football’s Bowl Championship Series, major league baseball and NASCAR. And all of this should mean increased sales and an immediate improvement in the bottom line in San Diego.

Most importantly, this is a huge development for our television group and for the company itself. It demonstrates our willingness to be aggressive, to make investments for the long term, and to flex our considerable muscle when necessary to get a deal done. The CW has been a great partner for KSWB and we’re working with the network to find it a new home in the market....

This is the new Tribune. Stay tuned — there’s a lot more ahead.

SOURCE: Kevin Roderick

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