Sunday, May 04, 2008

A bit of a tiff....

Sorry to have to bring this up.
There are many spirited comments, and for the most part, everyone has been within a reasonable margin of behavior. We thank you for this.
We've been fair in moderating the comments. With the exception of one or two, almost all of them have been posted. However, we've reconsidered the allowance of profanity, and ask that you find other words. One rather rambling comment, laced with profanity that just didn't make any sense has been removed.
Some people are not comfortable writing what they feel, so either they'll do it anonymously or with some sort of made-up I.D. This is fine, and we will continue to allow anonymous posters. However, like many, we have some disdain for those who use the anonymous shield to attack others, and ask that they refrain from doing so.
Carry on.
Have a nice day!


Eddo said...

"laced with profanity" - Oh My! This immediately brings to mind two people. Wayne Bean and Dave Skilliter. "Rambling cooment" - This immediately brings to mind Wayne Bean. I think he was so lacking in his writing skills that he made me his ghost writer. He even wanted me to write his Christmas Greeeting to the troops, which I declined due to the fact it needed to reflect his feelings not mine. Or may he wasn't lacking in his writing skills, maybe he was too busy shaking down a vendor for a free lunch.


mr.oc said...

Cant we all just get along ?


grandspud said...

Mr. Eddo Wildbelcher said,
"I think he was so lacking in his writing skills...he made me his ghost writer..."

Hey Eddo, ever hear of something called a paragraph? It is a technique used in writing. An author uses these to organize his main points or topics. Their purpose is to present the reader a coherent, easily understood document.

A paragraph always contains a topic sentence along with two to six supporting sentences that provide detail. The better ones end with a closing sentence that restates the main topic and provides a segue to following paragraphs.

The next time you read a good book, just look for sentences that have been grouped together through the use of indentations or line separations. Notice how every sentence in the group relates to the others and helps to clearly convey a message. These are paragraphs, something you may want to incorporate into your future writings.

Kanani said...

Gee, I can't wait until all you start talking about fashion do's and don'ts.