Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogosphere Meets Daisy Romwall

As a direct result of blogging I meet many interesting individuals from different walks of life, some famous in the Blogosphere and many like myself, not so famous or well known.

When I ran an image search for my daughter’s twenty first birthday in February of this year, I happened across the perfect picture by a young lady in northern California named Daisy Romwall.

Daisy granted permission to use her photo in my blog post to my daughter Janelle, and made no requests for anything in return, so it seems fitting to thank her with a link back to her Flickr collection.

According to Daisy “I’m just a photographer” which I will disagree with, after viewing her many sets of photographs. She is a film major at her local college, and would enjoy feedback from photojournalists, as she moves from amateur to professional photographer.

Thank you Daisy

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