Friday, May 30, 2008

The Din at the Los Angeles Times

Teamster Letter to Advertisers

As May rolls to an end, of what was a relatively quiet month at the Los Angeles Times, the din from the Teamsters letter to advertisers is hard to ignore. No one can say for certain this tactic will deliver the desired affect at the bargaining table, but the anti-union forces within the walls of the Los Angeles Times may have gained enough ammunition to file for a decertifying of the union in June?

A friend at Times Mirror Square informed me this morning one car dealership has already contacted the Times, and has threatened to pull his advertising if anyone pickets his business.

Downsizing at the Los Angeles Times

Chatter regarding further downsizing at the Los Angeles Times has been communicated to Kevin Roderick, from Times Mirror Square:
Rumbles are strong in the Los Angeles Times newsroom about a new, unexpected wave of layoffs, possibly before the second quarter ends June 30. The rumors are that this one will go deeper than the last round, but they are only rumors at this point.

Computer to Plate Testing

The LA Times Olympic Production Facility will begin beta testing the new Kodak computer to plate system on June 9th. The LA Times Orange County Production Facility will test a plate setter from Agfa sometime in June as well.

More Production or an Error?

4,200 additional rolls of newsprint have been added to our quarterly order of paper, as we prepare to begin producing newspapers for competitors. Yet, I have been informed this was an order made in error by the Tribune Corporate office. Two others have told me the cost of the newsprint was at bargain basement prices, which was refuted by another that stated, “Compared to last year, we paid much more for the newsprint”. Stay tuned to see what transpires with all the additional newsprint.

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