Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The world of no-cost news grows larger

The Bay Area is becoming saturated with free daily newspapers. San Mateo County Times columnist John Horgan observes:

Another free daily tabloid newspaper is scheduled for launch very soon, perhaps as early as this week.
The Daily Post will give the Peninsula no fewer than four such publications.
The brains behind the latest freebie entry are Dave Price and Jim Pavelich, who started the Palo Alto Daily News in 1995, sold it (it's now owned by the company that produces The Times) and are now back for another local run.
Is there any doubt that this is the liveliest, most competitive suburban area in the U.S. when it comes to the no-cost perusal of printed news and ads?
Can the market accommodate all four, not to mention their paid-circulation peers? The jury is out on that one, folks. But there's never a shortage of stuff to read.
For the record, Price is on the Press Club board and serves as webmaster, posting many of the article seen on this site. Shown here are copies of his San Francisco paper, which recently changed its name from the San Francisco Daily to the Daily Post.

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