Monday, June 16, 2008

Charles G Laird - Father - Pressman - Pilot

The Blogosphere is overflowing with articles regarding writers and editors, but little is said about the men and women behind the scenes that produce your daily newspaper you find on your driveway everyday.

Allow me to introduce you to Charles Laird, from our production facility located in Costa Mesa, often referred to as the Los Angeles Times Orange County Plant. Charles, who likes to be called Charlie, has been married for nineteen years with one child from this union.

Charlie’s career at the Los Angeles Times began in 1976 in the Mailroom, with a transfer to the pressroom on May 22nd, 1977, which makes him an old timer with the newspaper.

But what makes Charlie stand out is his passion for flying.

Charlie’s flying experience almost equals his years at the newspaper, with his first solo flight on May 1st, 1980. He earned his private pilot license five months later, and then proceeded over the next three years to earn his instrument rating, commercial flight instructor certificate, instrument instructor, multi engine and multi engine instructor certificate.

Charlie also worked at the flight school (Martin Aviation) where he trained for four years, while working full time at the newspaper. While attending Orange Coast College he was certified as a commercial pilot and completed the power plant program as well.

He owns a bi-plane called a Travel Air; this is his second plane, which can be chartered by the hour for a nominal fee. But Charlie has a special offer for the employees of the Los Angeles Times, fifty percent off the listed prices.

My grandson David and I will be soaring with Charlie sometime this summer, not sure who will be more excited, my grandson or me?

For information and cost of flights stop by Fly With The Barnstormer.

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