Friday, June 20, 2008

Shout Out to the Union Members at Newsday

The Union members representing all departments at Newsday sent this over in solidarity as the Los Angeles Times Pressroom attempts to negotiate a contract with the Tribune Co.

Have the new owners of Newsday changed the domain name from Tribune to Cablevision, seems we have many new visitors with the new domain name?

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Lou said...

No Ed they haven't changed the name. We haven't even met them yet,but there have been some tours and they really seem interested in what we do.
The people I've talked to that work there consider them a good company to work for and there was a feeling that the company cared for its employees.
That will be a welcome change. With Tribune I always felt they had a mother country-colonist relationship.There were just too many prejudices on both sides to overcome, and it never seemed like a goood fit.
I hope they realize what a good newspaper they bought. We have a multiple Pulitzer winning news staff and craft people I would put up against anyone in the industry.
If they are sincere about journalistic integrity and providing the people of Long Island with a good product, we want to go hand in hand with them.
I have often said our livelihood are directly tied to the company's success so I'm hoping we can move together toward that goal.
I just hope everyone can keep an open mind while we learn from each other.