Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take Back the Times: Harold Meyerson Says Zell Should Be Jailed

In perhaps the most anti-Sam Zell piece yet to appear, Harold Meyerson, formerly of the L.A. Weekly and now with the Washington Post, compares Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell with James McNamara, the man who bombed the L.A. Times, killing 21 pressmen, in 1910. Like McNamara, he writes, Zell ought to be sent to prison for life.


Sounds a little extreme. Zell is a Chicago slumlord who didn't know anything about newspapers when he took over a few months ago, and has learned nothing since. Apparently, also, like his predecessor, Dennis FitzSimons, he also seems to bear a deep grudge against Los Angeles, or perhaps just a recognition that Los Angeles is a superior city to Chicago.

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Harold Meyerson Says Zell Should Be Jailed

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