Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell Us What You Think

Tonight was a grand occasion. Personally, I was moved in more ways than one. On the one hand, I want Obama to go to the White House. On the other hand, (if he makes it there) I won't envy him because he'll have his work cut out for him. The responsibility of trying to clean up the mess that we've dealt with in the last eight years is one I couldn't be paid to do. WON'T BE AN EASY JOB.

Can the Obama's handle it? Well, (AGAIN), could it be any worse than it is now?

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I found mr obamas speach very inspiring but in thinking past the rhetoric and half truths i find myself leaning in the direction of John Mccain and the his fine choice of vp.

Eddo said...

As one who was not going to vote for McCain, within 5 minutes of hearing of his choice for his running mate _- ta dah! - Sarah Palin, I was jubilant. What a knock out punch. That woman has it all. You all now know who I will be voting for now. Eat your hearts out. A war hero and a made on her own woman who is a hero in her own right, vs. two pro abort freaks. Voila!!!!

Chef Debi said...

What a pip...McCain has referred to the Obama as a 'rock star'and here he goes, bringing aboard a former "Miss Alaska" to appeal to women voters(?)???

Nice try 72 year-old that can't even count his properties???

I am in great hopes the American people can see through this smoke-screen..are we still that stupid????

Chef Debi said...

Confidential to "Eddo" the Jubilant;

Guess you're one of those wishy-wobbly old "coots" that perceives this election as pure fodder;a war hero that only through his votes in the Senate confirms his lack understanding of life in eat your heart out, this, if you have one.

Chef Debi said...

To to the "Tinman"....Are you a part of McCain's push for recycleables??? Hopefully, your devotion to him can be recycled...

Blog Queen said...

Rumors have grown like an uncontainable wildfire overnight as to whether Gov. Palin is Trig's biological mother or grandmother. Watch this video filmed on 2/20/08 of the governor "hiking" to work. Trig was born less than 2 months later. Governor Palin's a liar

Kanani said...

From PTA president to governor then to second in line for the presidency of the US.

What can I say?
What a country!

Let's cure the deficit through cookie dough sales and book fairs!

Nubia said...

To Chef Debi and Blog have the right idea in my book!

To tinman and eddo...'whatever floats your boat!' Sounds like 'more of the same.' Now havent we heard THAT phrase a lot?

...HEY 'eddo!' Where've ya been, Buddy?


Eddo said...

Get over it girls, he just became a loser - psssst - overnite - just like that.

Johnnie's got a new girl and man is she the one. Wheuuie.

The next big race will be Sarah vs. Hillary. 2012 - Good vs. evil. Beauty and the Beast.

Are you girls listening to the Candy Man song when Oshama is talking? I bet you are.

And to Nubia's inquiry as to my whereabouts. Hey, it's summer time and the livng is easy and I have been helping get things ready for the fair. Ive alway's got my ears on though and have been keeping a fast eye on Eddie's site. You know that when it come's to politics I can't stay quiet too long. Take care and vote for life and pass the word.

Nubia said...


"...have been helping get things ready for the fair." Might two of those things be your 'makeup & costume?'

Eddo said...

Nubia, Sorry for the late reply, buth we actually showed a lamb, a dog, about ten photographs, sewing projects, artwork and had a great time. If you want to see me in my patriotic costume, all you have to do is ask.