Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for "Financial Survivalism?"

Los Angeles Times Financial Correspondent Peter G. Gosselin wonders if it's time for a new "financial survivalism," and warns American workers to keep an eye on their employee benefits packages.

Housing bust, credit crunch, unemployment and high commodity prices (oil anyone?) are familiar faces in the news, and they all lead up to the most dreaded word of all - "recession."

Unemployed? Self-employed? A small business owner? A family just trying to survive?

Some believe that no one may be safe this time around. With economic worries mounting, we talk to the experts to find out how to survive these trying times - The Commonwealth Club of California.

Peter G. Gosselin has been national economics correspondent for the Los Angeles Times since 1999. His latest series was The New Deal: If America is Richer, Why Are Its Families So Much Less Secure?

He has also worked at the Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, The (North Adams, Mass.) Transcript and the Catskill (N.Y.) Daily Mail.

He graduated from Brown University with a degree in philosophy and was a Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University, where he received an MBA in economics.

His reporting has earned him the National Headliner Award, the George Polk Award (twice), and the SDXX award.

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