Saturday, October 25, 2008

Get Lost With Easy-Writer: No On Prop 8

By Kanani Fong

My 83 year old uncle died with his companion of 40 years at his side. They were devoted to one another and had expressed their love through consideration, compassion, kindness and patience. They were gay. They lived together in a small midwestern city when it was dangerous to come out. Perhaps people thought of them as "gentlemen bachelors," "best buddies," or "men who've been burnt one too many times by women." They built a good life, had successful careers, guided my uncle's daughter (by his one and only marriage) into adulthood and had a house filled with cherubs.

I know a lesbian, who with her life partner adopted a girl with known and profound disabilities. They fought for special education, they took parenting classes, tracked down specialists --and they did this out of love.

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Get Lost With Easy-Writer: No On Prop 8

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