Friday, October 17, 2008

Trivia Bowl XIV

October 20, 2006, over 500 journalists--media groups, corporate sponsors, students, community leaders and partners gathered for AAJA-LA's trademark "funraising" event, Trivia Bowl XII. This year's event celebrated the 25th anniversary of AAJA and honored the founders.

This years AAJA-LA Trivia Bowl XIV begins at 6:00 pm today, and will mark the first time a team of bloggers will compete against the media, wish us the best.

Final Metblogs LA team roster:

1) Frazgo (Frank Zgonc)*
2) Matt Mason
3) David Markland
4) Lucinda Michele Knapp*
5) Will Campbell
6) Susan Campbell
7) Dianne Patrizzi
8) Ruth Waytz Cooper
9) Jay Bushman
10) Seth Dowling
11) Ed Padgett
12) Mack Reed
13) jozjozjoz (head cheerleader from afar!)
*co-team captains!

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