Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YES on 4!!!!

To All parents.

As a parent, I find it appalling, that my child can go to a hospital, and have surgery performed on them, and I the parent will never be notified!!!!! Who are these, scum of the earth who would even suggest that I do not have the RIGHT to know when my child has had a surgical procedure performed on them. How dare they IMPOSE their arrogance and, think for one second, that I would allow one of my children, have surgery performed on them, and not at LEAST be by THEIR SIDE when they are performing the surgical procedure. I mean, is every thing ok? Is the hospital at least clean??? Come-on, give me a break, I’ve been to hospitals that would scare the sick away, because they are so dirty. Who is assuring that my child is getting the best care? Who is making this decision for them? If my child got sick as a result of the surgery, how would I know what caused it? I would also hope that their standards for the Dr’s that will perform the procedure, are up to MY standards, and have sufficient knowledge of the process. I implore every parent, to support our children in EVERY decision that they make. Vote Yes on 4.


Eddo said...

Wolf, I agree with you one hundred percent on this one. Medical staff cannot even administer an aspirin without parental consent, yet these evil freaks would want to perform an abortion on a child without parental consent and this could mar and damage a child for life. Vote yes on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. While you are at it vote McCain - Palin.

Palm Axis said...

or you can vote no on 2-4-6-8-10-12. I do not consider myself a scum bag for having opinion that differ from yours
I blog underPasadena Adjacent
Hi Ed

Moe said...

Eddo, you are the only evil, bigoted freak here. Again, you have no concept of what you doing or saying in support of Prop 4. Seems that all you know is fear, and you have no interest in looking deeply into issues. As a superficial being you should recuse yourself from commenting on serious issues in politics and public policy. Your support of the fascist GOP and your uneducated rants on this blog are proof that you are part of the uninformed electorate -- the Rovian, Swiftboat, T. Boone Pickens electorate -- that ought to finally sit down and shut-up for the good of all American. You had your say when you helped to elect G.W. Bush, and you were dead wrong. Now look at the hole we have to pull ourselves out of because of imbeciles like yourself. Why don't you go post on the Fox News site where you will be among your own.

Wasn't it just yesterday that you were telling people to cancel their subscriptions to the L.A. Times? The company whose tit you hung from for all those years? I'll bet that Ed Padgett and other Times employees love you for that, you traitorous dunce.

Eddo said...

Well lookie here, We have another knucklehead and this time his/her name is moe. Maybe moe is a he-she or a she-he. I don't know and I don't care, however, since he-she or she-he spouted off about something he-she or she-he doesn't know anything about I feel the need to comment and point he-she or she-he in the right direction. Get my drift?

I recommend to he-she or she-he, to visit my humble but informative blog and check out a few of the facts on ho(moes). Go ahead, just click on the little innocent creation of God up in the right hand corner of this post and it will lead you,he-she or she-he, to my blog. The articles that will eddofy you are titled - "They just wanta have fun", and the other is -"And you thought smoking was bad for you." Neglect them at your own peril and deem yourself to be culpably ignorant.

Moreover, au contraire, I did not vote for either of the Bush presidents, however, they were and are a lot more decent folk than your lot or any of the candidates that one such as you would be inclined to support. You seem to willfully neglect that presidents can do very little on their own, without the blessings of the congress. The present congress (democratric majority in both house and senate)are responsible for the budgets and laws submitted for the president to approve or veto. Now, knucklehead, who do think was really responsibe for the hole that we are presently in? Hmmm? Now just because I said hmmm, don't get yourself excited. I don't want you to engage is self abuse now.

One last thing bonehead. I earned every penny I made at The Times. People such as I do good no matter where I go. I worked there becasue they paid good and they kept me becasue I did good work. A SVP of operations said one day to the good folks, "The Times owes employess no loyalty." I say to The Times, I owe them no loyalty. The liberals writing their poison were culpable in the demise of the paper and the country.

Me thinks and I fear folks such as you will bring the wrath of Almighty God down upon this country with your wandting to spread your perversions, cramming it down our throats (warning - don't get excited) and pretending that it is all just so gay and getting the ignoramuses to buy into it. The Good Book says that homosexuality is an abomination and those that partipate in same sex conduct are also an abomination. I'm not saying that all those that are inclined to perversion are abominations, it is those that partipate in the "nasties" with each other that are in for a heap "o" trouble if they don't repent. Those that encourage or approve of such conduct are in the same boat. Now get your tweaked little mind over to my blog, read those articles, and then go back to bed and have yourself a good boohoo.

p.s. I find it odd, that you attack me alone and not wolf also. He was the one that posted the article on parental consent. It's typical of your type - no guts.