Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mack Reed demonstrates surface at BarCamp

Mack Reed, a legendary two-fisted former investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times turned high-tech whiz for speakTECH, demonstrates Microsoft's "Surface" application at the BarCampLA in October 2008. The event took place at Mahalo HQ in Santa Monica.


factoid said...

I think the Surface has huge potential in the classroom and in creative team environments such as movie and game studios - can't wait to get working on that stuff.

(PS, not sure I deserve all those adjectives, but thanks!)
- mack

David said...

Geez - I just kinda put this up as a bit of an experiment. This is a "rough cut" of the footage that I shot at the BarCampLA - this is all from a tiny little point&shoot Sony W90 still camera, set on "video."

The attention this has gotten is certainly flattering - and unexpected. I'm re-cutting the vid to shorten some of the "audience reaction" bits that drag, and edit in the other materials that I shot during that weekend.