Sunday, December 14, 2008

Save Our Trade: We Want Our Lunch Breaks!

By Ronnie Pineda

Management continues to violate the law as a result of changes currently taking place in our shops. You would think that a plan was in place prior to ratification to insure these changes were smooth and would not have an adverse effect on our operation. It appears that these decisions are not being made to be in compliance with the contract but, rather as blatant punishment for exercising our rights to form a union. We will not ignore these violations and intend on taking these complaints to the Hour and Wage Commission and file charges seeking damages for the lost meal and rest periods. The dollar amount will continue to rise with each lunch and rest period missed. My initial estimates have the dollar amount owed to our shops is close to $10,000.00 already. Get out the checkbook Sam!

Brother Banuelos again has provided the research to educate ourselves on the laws we are currently basing our complaints upon. Thanks again Vic! The information Vic has for us pertains to lunches and missed lunches. Working through your lunch can only be permitted by "MUTUAL CONSENT" so if you want to go to lunch, you must be allowed to. You can only work through lunch by mutual agreement PERIOD. This information is the same for us as it is for management and there is no grey area.

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Save Our Trade: We Want Our Lunch Breaks!

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