Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cafeteria Changes at Olympic Facility

After Russ Newton’s message was released on Monday the 19th of January, fuel was added to the fire as the staff at Café Oly informed me of possible changes in operating hours of the cafeteria. According to the manager of the CulinArt managed cafeteria, Sylvia, the Los Angeles Times was considering closing the café on the morning and afternoon shifts, remaining open at night only.

As the week progressed it was determined that the cafeteria would be closed on Sunday and Monday’s only. But by yesterday this again was changed to closing the café on Sunday’s only.

Before departing for home I spoke with the pressroom manager, John Walker, regarding informing our workers to bring in their own lunches to work this Sunday, which Mr. Walker responded, “There will be no changes to the operating hours of the cafeteria at this time”.

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