Sunday, February 08, 2009

LA Times' features editor resigns Severe cutbacks at the Los Angeles Times now include Features Editor Leo Wolinsky, a 31-year veteran of the citys largest newspaper. Wolinsky reported clashed with editor Russ Stanton over the future of the papers entertainment coverage. Wolinskys position has been eliminated. The Times is implementing another round of job cuts through buyouts and layoffs, that are expected to reduce the current editorial staff to 650, a loss of about 75 jobs from current levels, this only months after slashing 15% of its workforce. These cuts will be the first under new publisher Eddy Hartenstein, the third publisher at The Times since 2006. At its peak near the start of this decade, the paper boasted 1,200 editorial employees. But it has been hacking away at overhead in response to declining revenues and a sluggish economy. Dated October 11, 2008

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