Monday, June 01, 2009


Mike Carlson, a thirty-five year employee of the Los Angeles Times Pressroom, sent over his opinions via email, which we gladly share with the world via this blog. Mike is pictured at the left. Mr. Carlson's opinions are his own and everyone in Operations at the Los Angeles Times is welcome to send in their letters they wish to have published here.

By Mike Carlson

To: The Times’ Writers and Editors, who keep pushing homosexuality in the newspaper,


With all due respect, you are in error. People have no excuse as to what is proper. Nature attests to what is right, male and female go together. Marriage is for a man and a woman.

No one has “a right” to commit a wrong. Therefore, there is no discrimination.

Sexual immorality is not a civil right, it is a behavior. Whether it is fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest, rape or bestiality, these are behaviors that should not be supported, promoted or given special rights.

I encourage you to drop the “gay beat”! Quit pushing the homosexual lifestyle on our communities. The Times needs to restore the integrity it once had. Who knows, maybe your declining circulation will start to turnaround.


Mike Carlson

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dkoval said...

i agree mike quit pushing the gay agenda its busniness first no one cares about what people do in there personal life.. i get sick of printing all these stories with gay content.