Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Scare at Times Mirror Square

I’ll label this “Scare at the Square”. Many Los Angeles Times employees assumed the worse when their company identification cards would not allow them onto the newspaper property yesterday at Times Mirror Square. Seems the system that reads employee identity cards went down Sunday morning at 3:30 am for unknown reasons

With the newspaper in turmoil and the CEO possibly leaving the Tribune Company, many employees thought they had been terminated from the newspaper, but were not informed by their supervisor.

Why would employees think they had been let go you ask? Last year two employees were not notified of their job loss until they arrived at the newspaper. When their I.D. cards did not work, security gave them the bad news that they had lost their jobs.

Over at the Olympic Production Facility security notified everyone on Sunday as they attempted to open the gate for access to the company parking lot, that the security system had failed and our company cards would not open any doors to the building.

Not certain if the newspapers Orange County Production Facility was affected or not, but employees are regaining access to the buildings as the system is slowly restored.

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