Monday, July 20, 2009

Buffalo Soldiers Party at the Pit

I’m rather lucky when it comes to being invited to events around the Southland, and last Saturday was no exception as I was invited to a motorcycle event in Riverside. The motorcycle club called The Buffalo Soldiers invited yours truly to their first annual event, so I donned my Los Angeles Times Reading by Nine-motorcycle vest and hit the hot roads to Riverside at 6:30pm.

The mercury was at 95 degrees as I departed San Dimas, and rose slowly as each mile of my journey brought me closer to my destination. I arrived just five minutes past seven and it was a scorching 100 degrees in Riverside, but luckily for me there was plenty of cold water, soda, and beer available.

The only other motorcycle event I had attended before this was the Los Angeles Times sponsored Love Ride, so I wasn’t really certain of what to expect.

As I walked the quarter mile from the top of the hill to the event the music could be heard blaring away from the DJ on hand. Must have been at a minimum of twenty people on hand, but since this was the motorcycle clubs first event a large crowd might not be in order.

The area where the event was held is called The Pit, with a nice track for go-carts and a straight away for drag racing. With no homes nearby it was an ideal area where the sound of the motorcycles and go-carts would bother no one. And the motorcycles were very loud as they raced and did stunts for the crowd.

As the night progressed the motorcycle clubs filled the area, with at least 2,000 in attendance, as I left for home just after midnight. And the bikes were still rolling in as I departed for home, but then it was a nice cool 80 degrees at that hour.

What I found most awesome were all the female riders, not riding on the back of a motorcycle, but riding their own bikes.
I have not ridden a motorcycle for twenty-nine years, but wouldn’t hesitate to ride on the back of Dr. Gilmore’s Harley.

Edward with Dr. Gilmore

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Loretta said...

This is a wonderful account of the evening at THE PARTY IN THE PIT! President Michael Brown (Cowboy) has much to be proud of for his vision and leadership. We too, did not know what to expect but with a fearless leader like Cowboy, Business Manager, MamaBear, and a dedicated Buffalo Soldier Family we are well on our way to doing even bogger things in the IE. Thanks Edward, Doc Gee