Friday, July 24, 2009

Save Our Trade: Six Pressmen Recalled To Work

Save Our Trade: Six Pressmen Recalled To Work

By Ronnie Pineda

There have been murmurings lately that there would be several of our brothers returning to work. Well, this week 6 people with the highest seniority of the 63 recently departed were notified by the company that their services are once again needed.

This was welcome news to those involved that I have spoken with.Our Local was officially informed by management last week that there would be a need to recall 6 pressmen at this time. the recall of the 6 is unprecedented considering no one has ever come back after being let go? This recall is a direct result of, and in compliance with the recall language of our contract. What would the company have been able to do had we not negotiated recall? Our contract guarantees recall for nine (9) months from the last day of employment. The current recall period for the remaining 57 expires in January 2010.

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