Thursday, October 15, 2009

El Tepeyac's Restaurant For Sale?

Right after I graduated from Rosemead High School in 1971 my girlfriend at the time brought me to El Tepeyac Restaurant in Boyle Heights, and I was forever hooked on their faire. Doing my best to keep my waist from matching my age I have cut down to visiting Manual and El Tepeyac’s to twice per month.

If you know Manual you know he loves playing the ponies, just bring him a Los Angeles Times and watch his face light up with elation as he scans the newspaper for the horses and the tout sheet.

When I read on LAObserved that the restaurant was up for sale I was filled with sadness as the new owners would most likely change the menu, to save a few dollars, and run off the regular clientele.

I’m pleased to learn, from LAObserved, that the property is for sale and not the restaurant.

So I will continue as a regular customer of El Tepeyac’s after thirty-eight years.

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Kanani said...

I love that place. We need to go! Hollenbeck burrito here I come!