Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shedding Employees at the Los Angeles Times

March 15th was another sad day at the Los Angeles Times as thirty-nine pressmen and women were given pink slips. A few of the brave souls gathered at Weiland's Brewery to mark this day with drinks and laughter among friends and colleagues.

The total body count for Operation Employees is somewhere near eighty employees being let go in this round of layoffs at the newspaper.

Several Press Room Supervisors, electro-techs, and Machinist were requested to stay on an additional two months, till May15th, 2010. The employees were informed that if they did not stay the extra two months they would lose their severance pay, rather easy to convince them to stay, with a gun at their heads.

The Press Room Employees had no harsh words for Tribune Co. Management, but did want to say good bye in their special way as seen at the right.

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Ah, bummer.