Monday, August 16, 2010

Should We Be In Afghanistan?

"But I also hate oppression even more. And I think there are times when we have to fight like hell. Were we to leave, every literacy project for women and girls would be gone. Those who had gone to the clinics, the shuras for women, the men who had worked with any projects that could be tied to the ISAF or westerners, would be maimed or dead."
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The Kitchen Dispatch: Should We Be In Afghanistan?


Old OC said...

Those that have served know why we are there! Just like those that served in Vietnam knew why we were there!!!!! It’s the people... it was always about the people!!!!! Especially the innocent children.

Kanani said...

Hi Old OC....Good to see you here again. Yes, it's the local people because only they hold the key to providing stability for the region. If we leave, insurgents from around the world will come in, use it as a base of operations, and Pakistan will keel over to Al Queda as well.