Thursday, September 02, 2010

James Jay Lee: "If there were no troops, there'd be no war!"

Blogger Jonn Lilyea, a popular veteran who runs the popular blog This Aint Hell remembered he had come across Discovery Channel hostage-taker James J. Lee at an anti war protest last year in D.C. Lilyea is careful and most diplomatic not to assign Lee to any group, unlike others who have branded Lee a right wing extremist, or on one anti-evolution blog, a Darwinist. Lilyea talked to him for a long time, and filmed him.
Today, he writes:

"He was steeped in all kinds of Leftist blather. But he spewed out a lot of Ron Paul crap mixed with some Republican talking points – whatever fit his protest sign. He was a raving lunatic and I wouldn’t blame any political party for James J. Lee like some people have. He was just an average DC nut job."

In addition, Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in on Lee's mental health status, saying despite efforts to bran him as a terrorist, he wasn't and there are differences. It's a good read.
White House Protest 10-5-2009

He was obviously mentally ill. Apparently, he was abusive for years to his family. He was estranged from them. Their fears of him coming back to mete out more abuse or hurt others are over. Still, those taken hostage will live with the memories of this incident forever.


JJones said...

James Lee's formative environment was the WatchTower Cult. To read more about the lives of James Jae Lee and other Jehovah's Witness Kidnappers, such as the Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnappers, here are summaries of 100s of criminal and civil court cases:

Kanani said...

Hmmm.....well, I think that his mental illness was the main contributing factor to his thought processes and actions. If you watch him, he's obviously articulate and intelligent, but he also makes no eye contact and seems caught in a generally misanthropic viewpoint of the world.
Kudos to the police sniper who shot to kill. Without this, the even might have had a disastrous end.