Thursday, September 23, 2010

Newspaper Story

Newspaper Story 1950:Man at teletype machine.Teletype machine with super of hurricane over page. Story sent in pneumonic tube. Man prepares negative for press. Printer washes photo plate. Engraver etches photo plate. Man sets type at press. Type falling into place. Printers arrange type. Printer makes proof of column. Printer sends pneumonic tube. Proofreader checks story. Printer casts mold of type. Headline. Men setting type, compose page. Man sets page for printer. Mat for front page. Men dry mat. Machine makes cast of mat onto metal. Mat is trimmed by machine. Man shaves edges of metal mat. Mat plates on conveyor. Mats loaded onto press drums. Press starts up. Press rolling, men feed huge roll of paper into press (GREAT!)Printers work as press rolls behind. Papers steam off press. Papers travel on belt. Papers stacked. Newsboy makes sale. Newsboy:

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