Friday, September 16, 2011

74 Employees let go at the Los Angeles Times *

With two weeks remaining before the end of the third quarter our Tribune managers are wasting no time shedding additional employees to reach what ever their goal's might be in staff reductions.

If the employees make it past September 30th, they have the annual Christmas purge to look forward to.

The majority of the affected employees will receive two weeks pay for the 1st year of service, and one additional week of severance for all additional years of service. Can someone tell me what the limit is for severance, fifty-two weeks, twenty-five weeks?

Here’s the breakdown of layoffs at the Los Angeles Times.

Editorial = 17

Advertising = 9

Circulation = 14

LAT Magazine = 1

Marketing = 2

Pressroom = 10

Packaging and Distribution = 16

Paper Handling = 5

* 74 let go

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