Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don Reese Update

I had a great visit with Don Reese yesterday and even though Don can no longer speak, he had me on the floor laughing my ass off, as he used his note pad to write down his thoughts.

For my colleagues that have transferred from the shuttered Chatsworth and Orange County Production Facilities, Don Reese has been a pressman at the Los Angeles Plants for over twenty-seven years.

What moved me the most was John Walker, he has sent cards to Don wishing him well, this act of kindness really touched Don’s heart deeply.

Don asked that I share his phone number and address with anyone that asks, he cannot answer the phone, but he can hear your messages, which would mean a lot to him.

The prognosis for Don is not a good one, with two months to go according to his doctor, Don is using morphine to ease the constant pain he’s experiencing, and smoking medical marijuana to help with the side effects of his treatments and medications.

Before I departed Don wrote down a message to share with his colleagues in the pressroom,
“I ain’t dead yet”.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed, this is Rudy Hernandez and I would like Dons address #...not sure if he remembers me, but we shared some laughs and smokes and I would like to send him a card to to wish him well. My e-mail address is rudyhrndz1@aol.com. Thanks Ed and no need to publish this comment.

Anonymous said...

my name is lance farrar i worked with don at the times for many years and i still remember most of the stories don would tell of him and matt in high school and his days at the super market,just thinking of them makes me laugh now. Don always did tell good stories and it looks like he still is. God Bless You don thanks for all the fond memories i have of working at the Times, people like you make going to work fun.