Thursday, December 01, 2011

Windpocalypse 2011

Did you notice the wind this morning? It was hard not to hear the wind howling as gusts caused my closed windows to whistle and our house to creak while leaves and small twigs were thrown against my second story bedroom. The lights flickered and the power actually went out twice, so I packed it in and went to bed about 3AM this morning.

Last night at the newspaper my colleagues and I were busy feeding newsprint to the giant printing press when we lost power at 6:47 PM, the power was off maybe a second or two, and it was pitch black in the reel room.

Losing power for such a short time is usually forgotten quickly, this is not the case in the pressroom while five of the six presses were running. Forty-two webs broke and everything must be rebooted to regain communications with the computers that run the mighty machines.

This process took anywhere from two hours to three hours depending how quickly or slowly communications could be re-established.

The system that feeds newsprint to the press did not fare so well and took almost four hours to recover and begin dropping newsprint off to each press. Our paper handlers did a great job of manning the forklifts to deliver the much-needed rolls of paper to keep the presses rolling.

Five of the crews went without a lunch break or a work break as we did our best to publish today’s newspaper, which was waiting for our subscribers when they awoke this morning on their driveways.

When I say it was a miracle we published another edition, I’m really not kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Those RTPs don't fair to well with power outages. We lost two Allen Bradley drives on the last one here in Cleveland. Hi Ed!!!