Monday, March 05, 2012

African American Artist Sandra Heading-Marchand

I am so blessed with all the invitations I receive for the different events occurring daily in the Southland of Los Angeles, and cross paths with many talented individuals from musicians, comedians, writers, actors, stuntmen, and artists. Seems there’s something happening seven nights per week from Santa Monica to the Inland Empire, which I accept twenty percent of the time as I do need to relax and rest at times.

My path crossed with artist Sandra Heading-Marchand over six years ago on an obscure website that neither of us could recall before becoming friends on Facebook. In this time frame we never spoke on the phone or met in person, even though we always meant to, it just didn’t happen.

Last Saturday Sandra gave me a personal viewing of her artwork and was I ever impressed with her talent.

With well over twenty years experience online I have come to get a feel for people before meeting face to face, and my assumptions about Ms. Marchand were on the mark. The artist is somewhat reserved until she gets to know you, then she opens up and is a very fun loving lady that gives off great karma.

For a private viewing of her work give her a call at 323.974.8607 and also add her as a friend on Facebook. Her artwork is priced from $10.00 to $800.00, which is very reasonable for the time taken to create each piece.

Additional photos can be viewed on Flickr

Meet Sandra Heading-Marchand

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