Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Los Angeles Times Hiring Pressmen

As the Los Angeles Times prepares to take on the production of USA Today in less than three weeks at the Olympic Production Facility, it appears they may also absorb the remaining three newspapers currently produced at the Sun-Bulletin.

I can’t recall the last time an apprentice was hired in the pressroom; it has been at least two decades or longer. The following memo was posted in the Mailroom at the Olympic Facility last Friday.

Los Angeles Times - Olympic
Internal Job Posting
April 13, 2012

Pressroom Department
No Experience Necessary - Will Train

As part of a press crew, performs and works with other crewmembers to perform all duties required to operate the web presses which include: webbing, plating, color balance, compensation, supplying newsprint, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, etc., as directed by the Press Operator.

Changing the reel assemblies as necessary to the size of newsprint rolls to be used according to production requirements as follows:
• Handling of rolls, such as removing from the reel, moving them to storage, preparing and reloading them to reel spindles.
• Adding, removing and/or moving the belt(s) to be used for tension and/or drive control.
• Making the pasters.
• Monitors the reel, tension and paster system throughout the press run.
Other duties:
• Engaging and/or disengaging units and the folder.
• Processing starting webs (paper) through the unit to the folder properly.
• Engages the color printing cylinder; changes or cleans the ink pumps (boxes or containers); plates-up for color position; pre-register color (done manually).
• As necessary, changing the cam action (controls), knife spacing (cut-off) and/or band adjustments (size of product) on the folder(s) for the proper production requirements.
• Handling plates to and from the plate cylinder.
• Setting the ink and fountain solution.
• Replacing, changing and/or adjusting the blankets, rollers and solution equipment as required.
• Fills any crew positions and performs other miscellaneous and related duties as assigned or required.
• Cleaning and maintaining the equipment and surrounding areas.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed rather than to be an exhaustive list of all duties.

• Must have 0good communication skills
• Ability to learn quickly
• Ability to follow instructions and work in a team environment
• Must be able to lift 75 lbs
• Must be flexible and able to work multiple shifts and weekends

Starting Pay; $15.00 - (to be evaluated based on performance, every six months, for the
first four years).


lakerboy said...

2005 was not over two decades ago.

gilliganlokz said...

I'm gunna lose my job !!!!!!! How am I gunna pay my rent.....

Anonymous said...

My job is gone as o new years.
I,ll save a spot for u under the bridge withme.

Anonymous said...

wonder what the $$$ will be. there have been a ton of "skilled" press people layed off, no noise from ronnie? oh, right, who cares where the dues come from. fight for your deck chair on the modern titanic.

Anonymous said...

hoo-ya! wow, too good to be true! let's see, $15 an hour for 35 hrs a week is 525, that's equal to 13.13 an hour for a 40 hr week. But hey, who wouldn't want such a great career in a vibrant industry.

LaLaLand said...

Go get russ, walker & puss n' boots on the floor lets see if they can back up their talk of being " pressmen "

Anonymous said...

jerrys kids can be pressman

Anonymous said...

Let me see. Puss in boots a book binder. Walker was the barber of Seville chasing some dude to give him a close shave. Russ was a back door man.

Anonymous said...

Jerrys kids can be pressman

LaLaLand said...

The only thing russ " backed doored " was kurtich

Anonymous said...

must of been able 2 clean 2 restrooms in 1 hour or make 3 grill cheese sandwiches and two orders of fries at same time

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My dad worked for the times as a pressman when they picked a white guy black guy an oriental guy at that time it was for the journeyman ship.i would like to follow in his foot steps an work as he did on the pressroom floor but have no idea how to get in to the la times as it is either you kno someone or not can you please help william kramar jr.