Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alice in Cooperland this Friday

It’s not hard to see I enjoy live music, comedy, and writer forums if you follow my posts on Facebook or Foursquare. Last Sunday we enjoyed The Ultimate Stones down the street at Saint Dorothy’s Catholic Church for their annual event called the Oaktree Festival.

As my brother William and I enjoyed our ice cold shaved ice in the searing heat I noted a couple entering the music venue area, and knew this was Larry Cornwall, with his flowing long dark hair and a bit of a swagger in his step. Wearing an artsy type of shirt, that he mentioned his wife designed, the couple stood out from the crowd.

After watching the couple approach Vince Lupo I walked over and introduced myself, and was a bit embarrassed to learn I had seen Larry perform many times before as he’s the drummer for Fan Halen and True 2 Crue.

I had planned to see and hear Larry’s other venture, Alice in Cooperland, this Friday at The National Orange Show, 689 South E Street, San Bernadino at 7:00 p.m., but unfortunately forgotten my daughter Lauren bought Dodger tickets for myself. The cost is only $5.00 per person with children 10 and under free, and there is no cost for parking.

Alice in Cooperland is a tribute to Alice Cooper, whom had the number one album Billion Dollar Babies in the early 1970’s, and back in the day Alice Cooper was very controversial and shocking to some standards.

Alice in Cooperland is composed of excellent musicians that will not only please your ears, but also entertain you with their theatrical presentation using guillotines-swords-dolls-girls-ghouls-zombies-Frankenstein-scrims- screens and spiders! Along with five musicians the group also employs three actors and blasts from the CO2 machine filling the stage with fog.

The band consists of:
Larry Cornwall Vocals-Alice
Jeff Schofield-guitar
Rob Lontok-Bass Guitar
Jeff Page-Drums
Michael Jacobson-Keyboards

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