Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Morning in the Blogosphere

Eric Garcetti meets the Blogging Pressman

Media General will print Tribune’s Daily Press - Poynter

1992 Remembered: Apocalypse Freeway - Steven Mikulan

New York Times confirms non-newsroom layoffs - Romenesko

Here are the latest reports of a NewsGate crash - Gannett Blog

Parody Website Has No Paywall - Fishbowl LA

Washington Post newspaper revenue drops 8% in 1st quarter - Fit to Print

Billionaire Eli Broad signals interest in buying L.A. Times - Los Angeles Times

Traffic to Newspaper Websites Continues to Surge - Newspaper Death Watch

Eli Broad writes a book, begins a blog and still wants the Times - Kevin Roderick

Another Big Newspaper Says Digital Ads Shrank Last Quarter - All Things Digital

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Anonymous said...

hey ed next time you meet garcetti ask him if hes gonna raise taxes on the people of L.A. ..hes on tape saying he doesnt " believe " people are not taxed enuff