Saturday, May 05, 2012

James Olea Rest in Peace

James Olea and Jennifer Morasky

My quiet Friday was rocked after I received a phone call from Jennifer Morasky; unable to understand what she was trying to communicate as she wailed with tears, I feared her young son had passed away? Jennifer had posted a picture of her son on Facebook two hours earlier, and mentioned he was in the hospital, which was not the case.

When communications were restored I learned that her former boyfriend James was the person that had passed away, I was floored as he was only forty-seven years old, and I had just visited him five days earlier.

James had stayed with me for seven months as he was training to install and repair solar panels, and he was extremely excited that he finally secured a job, which he wasn’t able to begin with his premature passing.

My son Nathan is living with James’ daughter Justine, and his former girlfriend is the daughter of LA Times pressman James Abel, so we had ties in two directions.

James Olea leaves behind six children, Jimmy, Jessica, Jasmine, Justine, Julia, and Jyline. Grandchildren, Abigail, and Justice.

Rest in Eternal Peace my friend.

Funeral arrangements pending.

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