Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday Morning in the Blogosphere

Canadian Consul General David Fransen
The Blogging Pressman meets David Fransen

GCI's Fortune 500 rank plunges - Gannett Blog

Newspapers: who needs 'em? - Editors Weblog

Deseret News hits all-time circulation high - Deseret News

What is ‘off the record’? ‘Not for attribution’? - Romenesko

Warren Buffett Might Save More Newspapers - Fishbowl NY

Video of Fullerton police beating Kelly Thomas - Kevin Roderick

The Telegraph, Newspapers, and 19th-Century Disruption - EContent

LA Times developer creates site to archive news home pages - Poytner

Books Editor Closing the Page on Illustrious LAT Career - Fishbowl LA

If we want to save newspapers, how about co-operative ownership? - Guardian


Anonymous said...

What did Dave have to say eh?

Ed Padgett said...

He thanked me for attending, when I was trying to thank him for the unexpected invitation. He also hoped I would enjoy the Canadian groups that were playing that night at the HOB Hollywood, in fact Melanie Fiona went on to win two Grammy's the following weekend, and she sang so well I understand why she won.