Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Update on former pressroom supervisor Bob Gilham

(Left to right) Herb Ware, Joe Thompson, Bob Gilham, Richard Cook, and Ray Chavez

Prayers are needed for former Los Angeles Times pressroom crew foreman Bob Gilham, as he has days to live before moving on. Below is the message from his son Neil regarding his father's condition.

"Hi Ed,
I want to give you an update on my Dad.  He’s in hospice care now and has probably just a few more days to live.  He’s been suffering from dementia over the last few years combined with symptoms of Parkinson’s.  It’s been a slow, steady decline.  It’s to the point where he can’t effectively swallow food and sleeps almost around the clock.  His living will requests no extraordinary life sustaining measures.  Please let his brother pressman know, those who knew him.  I’ll keep you posted".
Best regards,
Golder - Redmond, WA

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Jim Roberton said...

Bob was my crew press operator for a couple of years. I learned a lot from him. He was one of my mentors.

Jim Robertson
Downtown pressroom 1972-1982