Friday, July 27, 2012

Today in Labor History

July 27

William Sylvis, founder of the National Labor Union, died - 1869

SOURCE: Union Communications Services, Inc.

United Mine Workers organizer Ginger Goodwin is shot by a hired private cop outside Cumberland, British Columbia. His murder sparked Canada's first General Strike. - 1918

"Goodwin went into hiding in the bush near Cumberland. With the help of townspeople, he evaded the authorities until July 27, 1918, when he was tracked down and murdered by the Mounties. Workers in Vancouver marked Goodwin's funeral on Aug. 2 with B.C.'s first general strike." from
"On 27 July Goodwin was shot to death with a single bullet by Constable Daniel Campbell of the Dominion Police, one of three members of a police search-party looking for men who were evading the Military Service Act. Campbell claimed self-defence, saying Goodwin had pointed a rifle at him." - from

"The coroner's report showed that the bullet passed first through Ginger's wrist, then into his neck. It was clear from the angle of the wounds, that Ginger's hands were raised in the air in surrender when he was shot. Dan Campbell literally got away with murder. He was never punished." - from

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