Saturday, August 11, 2012

Winning at the Race of Life

One day while walking around the Long Beach Swap Meet, Tony Pellegrino met one of our WINNING at the Race of Life team members -Buddy Bellflower. After Buddy told him about how he and our team feed the homeless, put on community outreach events and mentorship programs for kids, Tony made a decision to make a small donation. Like many people in todays economy, Tony had also been challenged by hard times and like many of you, when asked to help those in need during the holiday season- he said YES! Listen to what happened next when he received a phone call from Hollywood producer John Cameron that he had just WON a beautiful $70k+ hotrod!

That's exactly what happened to Tony Pellegrino from Huntington Beach California. Tony never won anything before, but last summer, when asked to make a $20 donation to help Hollywood stuntman and his Winning at the Race of Life team mentor kids and feed the homeless on skid row in Los Angeles, he said, "Sure!" Watch what happened next:

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