Friday, April 26, 2013

The Future Begins - Eric Garcetti for Mayor

By J. Evert Jones and Olivia Rubio

Picture of the past:

Thousands of young, brilliant students, frustrated with the lack of opportunities in Los Angeles, relocate to other regions of the country for the professional and personal growth they are unable to see in the city.

July 1, the future begins.

Envision a city-wide program establishing one-stop job training and placement.  Young Angelenos, once disillusioned and restless, instead seek knowledge, counseling and other tools to shape and hone their talents.  Envision a new face to Los Angeles' workforce, equipped with the skills to navigate the competitive employment environment of today.  A different trend emerges.

Eric Garcetti, as new mayor of Los Angeles, expands one-stop job training placement centers at community colleges. Eric's pioneering of a Healthcare Career Ladder has created inroads to local employers to fill high-demand jobs in Los Angeles' healthcare industry,  an approach that now encompasses other core industries in the city.

Envision this future just weeks away.  A city with a new generation of Angelenos leading fulfilling lives and careers, contributing to a vibrant local economy.

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