Friday, April 12, 2013

The Rolling Stones Absolutely Astronomical Prices

Last night I received extremely good news from a longtime friend, she stated she can get tickets at the Staples Center for The Rolling Stones concert. I quickly told her I wanted ten tickets, assuming the price range would be from $100 to $150 per seat. My momentary joy was squashed when she told me each ticket was $622.

I've been to seven or eight Stones concerts over the last forty-one years and it appears I will not be seeing or hearing the group for this their last world tour. I'm certain every show will be sold out, even at the astronomical prices, in the cities The Rolling Stones perform.

There is an alternative, The Ultimate Stones Tribute Band. If your a Rolling Stone fan then by all means go see this thrilling group perform, I was hooked after seeing the group play some two and a half years ago when they were called Rolling the Stones, and watched as the group made a lineup change and play even better than before.

Many of the shows are absolutely free with some venues charging from $10 to $20 to enter the theaters, not bad for some mighty fine music. Click on the link above for the bands schedule and I guarantee you won't be disappointed in the least.

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