Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shut the black guys “Big Mouth”!

By Haywood Galbreath
Yesterday I wrote that listening to O.J. testifying attempting to get a new trial for his robbery conviction in Las Vegas had opened up an old wound that had never quite healed for me or a lot of Americans!

The O.J. Simpson not guilty verdict has for almost 20 years divided America and broken it apart in reference to race relations! White Americans and Americans of color who want white Americans to find favor with them! Say that the verdict was unjust that he was guilty that the evidence was overwhelming pointing to his guilt! And that because of slick lawyers, money and a predominantly black jury a guilty man was set free! White Americans say their feelings have nothing to do with race and their continued anger has to do with feeling that the family’s and the victims did not get justice! So they feel justified in not letting this matter go and not forgetting what they say was injustice committed!
It’s not funny how time slips away or people take up certain causes that benefits them and there’s and wants you to forget about atrocities committed by them and there’s! For over 200 some years the justice system in this country as well as this nation as a whole that was ran and still mostly ran by white Americans has committed the atrocities and many, many untold atrocities against people of color upon this land! The justice system has and continues to disproportionately incarcerate black Americans especially black males at a higher rate than white Americans and give them more time for the crime than they do white Americans especially white male Americans!

In reference to murders committed against black people white Americans especially white male Americans have gotten off free found not guilty by a predominantly white juries! And white Americans do not seem to have a problem with it or cry out for justice for the victims or their families! It’s a hot topic for mainstream media one day one week or one month and then mainstream moves on to something else! Unlike mainstream media’s obsession with the O.J. verdict for almost 20 years!

White America you always telling people of color to get over it and move on! You need to get over it and move on! I called the O.J. haters out yesterday and challenged you to call me out! I had no takers seems to me that you would like to do what white Americans often say about boisterous black male Americans! And that is shut the black guys big mouth! But to be able to shut my mouth you have to be prove I’m not speaking truth! And to take a line from a movie “your people aren’t too good with dealing with the truth!”

-Iconic “history making” photojournalist Haywood Galbreath-

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