Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Los Angeles Times Pressroom Departure

Just two nights ago another long time pressman was informed he was terminated, even as buyouts are offered. This was a strong message from Tribune Company management to the remaining workers in the press room to voluntarily take the buyout offer or else.

Many will be tapped on the shoulder suggesting they leave or face the same punishment as was dealt on Friday, as the company is desperate to cut costs any way possible.

I wish my former colleagues the best as things will be getting ugly at the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

It's not the end of the world, some of us make it over the fence. Some of us even find the grass much greener. I left the Times about 4 years ago and haven't missed a step. If you haven't seen the writing on the wall and prepared yourself, it's your own fault. Personal responsibility, stop blaming the big bad wolf, wolves will eat you if you allow, stop being a victim.
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Anonymous said...

Very true, don’t think for a minute that anyone of those lost souls in management would think for a second to not toss you press people under the bus to make themselves look good. There turns are coming, it is just a matter of time. They flushed all the Orange County management team out (except one OC guy who seems to keep pulling the wool over everyone's eyes) But they will start dumping all that dead weight in the office very soon. Why do you think the cameras have been installed. It will be a dog and pony show ran from the production office. That is until the Tribune finally sees what a waste of money that guy has become. It is all about the mighty dollar and the Times isn’t bringing it in any longer. To not see that would be a foolish pipe dream. The day is getting closer for the total shut down so give this buyout a good long look “don’t wait to long”. Yes life outside of the Times is very good, so much better, just try it you will not regret it.

Anonymous said...

Orange County had something that Olympic never had.... Team work!!!