Friday, December 27, 2013

In Highland Park, a 'newspaper sidewalk' is machinist's legacy

LAT writer Bob Pool, with LAT photographer Gary Friedman, and Edward

Bob Pool wrote an interesting article regarding front pages of the Los Angeles Times saved in cement. The story can be read here: Leon Rudek has passed on, but the concrete facsimiles of L.A. Times front pages he made from printing plates have preserved an era.

Additional photos can be viewed here: FLICKR

Bizarre, a set on Flickr.

Here's a letter Bob Pool shared regarding the story:


I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your story honoring Leon, which brought me to tears. You see Leon did start off as a machinist and was often sent up to my department, at the time as photo-engraving. This man could solve problems with our photo-processers that often stumped our regular machinists on our floor. Every now and than, the main machine shop would send Leon to help solve the problem. He was a very dedicated worker and afterword he would stop by my office and ask me what we did on our floor. I remember giving him the VIP, step by step tour of the shop and I could see the wonder in his eyes. He stood and looked at me and could tell that I too was some kind of emigrant.

Through the years before transfering to the new pressroom he would stop by and we would talk about what a great country this truly is to work for. I could see the sparkle in his eye as he went over how he came to "USA" as he recalled.

Funny, every now and than, I would see him walk out of the building with a few of these so called blankets from the press room area, but who could imagine what they were for. I feel more privleged to have know this talented man as I read your story/ legacy to Mr. Leon Rudek.
I thank you for taking the time to read what I knew of Leon. You've brought back very great moments in my recall of working for this once great newspaper.

Regards and aloha,
Joe Urbano 2001 retiree(Prepress operations/37 yrs.) 

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