Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Marci Springer is taking a buyout from the Los Angeles Times

Apparently, Marci Springer is taking a buyout, making this job available:

From: Boucher, Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2013 4:00 PM
To: yyeditall
Subject: Opening: A1 Night Editor

This announcement and an archive of staff changes and job openings can be found at http://funk.latimes.com/cgi-bin/frame_set.cgi?name=hd(NOTE: This link will only work for people still at the Times.)


To: The Staff
From: Scott Kraft, Deputy Managing Editor

We're looking for an A1 night editor, a person who is in charge of both finishing A1 as well as running LATExtra.

The ideal candidate will be someone with an array of journalistic skills: a strong editor with excellent news judgment, the ability to make sound decisions and a gentle yet firm leadership style.

The job begins in the afternoon, with an assessment of the offerings for AA1. The night editor chairs the 5 p.m. news meeting and selects stories for the LATExtra cover. As the senior editor on the floor for the evening, he or she backreads A1 stories and helps guide the AA stories into the paper — all while keeping an eye on headlines throughout the paper, monitoring wires, making sure that stories arrive as advertised (and, when they don't, helping line editors and copy editors fix them) and occasionally editing late-breaking news from National and Foreign.

This is one of the most important jobs at the paper. We are looking for someone with experience dealing with reporters and editors, a flair for diplomacy and good news sense. Knowledge of how the paper is produced at night is a plus.

This position will be filled from within the staff.

If you're interested in the position or just talking about the position, please let me know.

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