Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Los Angeles Shelter Challenge

“In Los Angeles County, over 57,700 people are estimated to be homeless nightly; and more than 43,000 men, women and children – a staggering 75 percent of our homeless population – have no options for shelter on any given night.” – The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority 

We are offering Mayor Garcetti and the LA City Council a challenge. Put together a shelter plan that increases the number of shelter beds available and improve the conditions in our shelters within 60 days, or spend one night in the courtyard of the Midnight Mission in Skid-row, downtown LA.

The Midnight Mission courtyard is the last option for someone looking for shelter in Los Angeles. This way our Mayor and City Council can experience for themselves exactly what their constituents live through each night. So they can judge firsthand if the great city of Los Angeles is adequately taking care of our homeless men, women and children or if they need to do more.

The conditions our homeless brothers and sisters face on the streets of LA are unacceptable and it’s time we put our foot down asking the City of LA to do more.

Join this event page by saying that you are “going” if you agree that the City of LA and it’s leaders need to do much more and come up with solutions ASAP to protect the 43,000 men, women and children who have no shelter each night.

Please invite your family and friends to this online event!

The deadline for Mayor Garcetti and the LA council to put forth a plan is May 23rd!

Thank you,

Monday Night Mission

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