Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thursday Morning in the Blogosphere

Newsprint storage area for the Los Angeles Times

'Newspapers must lead change' - Korean Times

What if your newspaper went away? - The Blackshear Times

Newspapers engaging students in a variety of ways - Courier-Journal

Collapsing Israeli newspaper Maariv seeks court protection - Haaretz

Newspapers are still important to communities - Hudson Star-Observer

Dawn Chmielewski leaves Los Angeles Times for Re/Code - Romenesko

Hope is dwindling for a non-profit news operation in LA - Kevin Roderick

Angus Talking Newspaper Association facing ‘desperate’ staff crisis - Courier

Newspapers used to keep up with current events in conversations - Daily Citizen

Longtime photographer for Current newspapers splits over freelance pay - WaPo


Anonymous said...

wow! lootts of empty warehouse space now compared to when i left 10 years ago. im sure this photo is old and its more emptier

Anonymous said...

Actually it is pretty full with paper for LAT, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and China Daily.