Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Los Angeles Times Staff Complimented for their work

From: "Maharaj, Davan" 
Date: March 30, 2014, 12:27:35 PM PDT
To: yyeditall 
Subject: Our journalism


Today's front page is a dazzling display of journalism, a moment worth lingering over, and celebrating.

Alexandra Zavis and Rick Loomis' firsthand account of the murderous anarchy in the Central African Republic is a tour-de-force of gutsy reporting and great storytelling, in words and pictures. The foreign, copy, photo, design and web desks all did inspired work on tight deadlines to create a powerful presentation online as well as in the paper. No one who reads it will soon forget this chronicle of Muslim refugees' desperate, 400-mile flight from machete-wielding mobs.

No less impressive was the reconstruction of the deadly Washington State landslide by Maria La Ganga, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Matt Pearce and Paresh Dave. It was a model of a hard-to-pull-off journalism form -- brimming with drama, human detail and lucid explanation.

Then there was Ron Lin's authoritative take on the science behind Friday night's earthquakes and Chad Terhune's sharp analysis of the next great uncertainty facing the Affordable Care Act: the cost of caring for the newly insured and what it will do to the insurance premiums we all pay.

To quote Sunday editor Mary Braswell, not one given to reckless overstatement: "We can still rock it."

Yes, we can. And that is something to celebrate.

--Davan and Marc

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