Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Morning in the Blogosphere

The Los Angeles Times will stop at nothing to discredit union members 
as they have shown in their harassment of workers

The real unemployment rate - Advice Goddess

Top 10 media stories from April - Robert Feder

Corporate Tax Breaks: The Fix Is In - Capital and Main

Murdoch hints at News Corp. acquisitions - Capital New York

Labor's gain will cause pain for Los Angeles - Los Angeles Register

Print Newspapers in Trouble, Online News Sites Not Far Behind - Patheos

Tampa Bay Times awarded USA Today printing contract - Tampa Bay Times

Bloggers under pressure as press freedom worsens in Azerbaijan - Editor Weblog

Carpenter who quit over Lee CEO’S bonus pledges ‘No more Junck’ - Romenesko

Print Journalism in Tucson Took 'Bigger Hit,' SPJ President Says - Arizona Public Media

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