Saturday, May 03, 2014

George Fortiville Rest in Peace - Former Press Room Supervisor LA Times

George Fortiville on left with his son Richard, also a former pressman at the LA Times

From Emmett Jaime:

I received a phone call from Courtney Reich, Pfaffinger Foundation on May 2nd informing me that George Fortiville had passed away on April 27th. George had suffered some mini strokes around Christmas and later in the year suffered some more.

We all knew George as a very friendly person,he never said anything bad of people and was a very  liked person.He will be missed but the memories we all have of him will be remembered.
May he rest in peace.

The following are the services to be held for George;
Calvery Chapel of Costa Mesa
3800 S. Fairview Dr.
Corner of Fairview Dr. & Sunflower
May 24th @ 2:0pm
Condolences can be sent c/o
Betty Forteville and Family

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Anonymous said...

I always had the deepest respect for George. Never heard him say anything bad about anyone or use any foul language. He was honest, even handed, always positive and in my opinion should have been Pressroom Superintendent and then plant manager. Completely the opposite of what is looked for in a Plant Superintendent now.
If you never knew George the best way I could describe him is he had the same demeanor as Ronald Reagan. Someone you looked up too and wished you were like.
Gone to the ages now, rest in peace George, God Bless.