Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tony Anthony Direct from Skid Row Los Angeles - Photo Blog

As a regular volunteer on Skid Row I have had the pleasure of meeting many interesting men and women, Tony Anthony lives and works on Skid Row, which means he's well know by the residents and police as a familiar face. I have worked with Mr. Anthony several times giving away food and cleaning the dirty streets of Skid Row, and was amazed that so many recognized this caring soul.

 I'm considered a shutter bug and enjoy capturing scenes where ever I might be, on Skid Row I learned very quickly that many become irate when their image is captured, ask any photographer regarding their experience on Skid Row, and many will reveal some rather scary incidences with the residents.

While in the presence of Mr. Anthony no one complained, and most even produced smiles while I snapped away.

If you plan to visit Skid Row I highly suggest hiring Mr. Anthony as your guide, you will be able to capture what Skid Row actually looks like, in safety.

To contact Tony Anthony visit his blog: REALITY CHECK

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